Tailored chatbot for quick customer support. ZipChat is an AI-powered chatbot tool that provides an easy way for businesses to set up automated chatbots without requiring a single line of code. The tool claims to provide instant responses to customer inquiries and personalized responses, which aim to enhance customer satisfaction and ultimately drive sales. This […]

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Team time tracker for accurate reporting and connection. Timely is a time tracking software designed to enable teams to stay connected and report accurately across various client, project and employee hours. It automates the time tracking process by tracking time spent on every web and desktop application for each team member. Timely provides a precise

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Analyzed PDFs via instant chat. Docalysis is an AI-powered tool that allows users to chat with their PDF files and get answers to their questions within seconds, thereby saving hours of manual document reading. With Docalysis, users can securely upload their documents and ask the AI questions related to their content. The tool makes use

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Document-based chatbot for Q&A. Visus is an AI tool that enables users to create their own ChatGPT AI. This AI is trained specifically on the user’s own documents and knowledge base, making it easier for them to access the information they need quickly and easily. Visus understands natural language and provides quick and accurate responses

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Create strong visual social, web, and ad designs. Sivi is a generative AI tool that enables users to quickly create visually engaging designs for their ad campaigns, websites, banners, email headers, social posts and more. Using natural language processing and AI algorithms, Sivi is capable of generating unique designs from text content within a minute

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Realistic voice actor creation for creative projects. Replica Voice is an AI-powered voice actor platform that enables users to create natural-sounding voice performances for creative projects. It is powered by a talented voice actor who spends hours training the AI model to learn their unique speech patterns, pronunciation, and emotional range. This allows users to

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Matchmaking via advanced algorithms & intuition. Keeper is a digital matchmaking tool that leverages AI and human intuition to help individuals find long-term relationships and eventually marriage. Keeper allows users to communicate their preferences and match only with others who meet their criteria, prioritizing short-term attraction and lifetime compatibility for a forever relationship. Unlike other

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Personalized learning and support assistant. Kaya is an AI tool that enables users to create and share their personal AI, which is trained on the user’s notes. The platform allows users to write about anything they want and their AI learns as they type, becoming their personal assistant that grows, answers questions, and provides personal

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Efficient email writing with personalized content. Hypertype is an AI tool that helps companies write smart emails quickly and efficiently. It uses a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and human touch to provide personalized replies tailored to the company’s context. It can extract and select the most relevant past emails from the team, as

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